Chapter Six: Pay N Play Casino Terms and Glossary

Bankroll: This is the money you have in your online casino account.

Betting limits: Also known as table limits, betting limits are the minimum and maximum amounts you can bet on a casino game.

Betting system: A betting system is a structured approach to wagering on casino games. They are usually based on statistical analysis, but they cannot guarantee you a win.

Bust: This term refers to a hand exceeding 21 in a game of blackjack.

Cashier: This is where you will make your deposits and request your withdrawals.

Chips: The tokens you use to bet in casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, and poker. Each chip represents a specified sum of real money.

Classic slots: Online slots that resemble traditional fruit machines. Most classic slots have three reels and one payline.

Croupier: The croupier is the dealer in a casino game.

E-wallet: An e-wallet is an electronic payment method that allows you to make online payments with just an email address and password. Common e-wallets include PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Expanding wilds: These are symbols that fall onto the reel and cover it entirely

Even-money bets: These are bets that payout at 1:1.

Face cards: These are cards that have faces, or characters. Face cards include King, Queen, and Jack.

Hybrid model: In this model, players do have to go through the registration process, but can later use Trustly Pay N Play interface to make deposits.

High roller– High rollers are casino players that play with high stakes.

House edge: House edge is the advantage the casino has on a casino game- the higher the house edge the bigger the casino’s advantage. Shown as a percentage, it’s the inverse of the RTP.

HTML5 Games: HTML5 is a programming language for the contents and appearance of web pages and provides one common interface to make things load faster and more smoothly, which is why it’s a popular choice among casino software developers. HTML5 improves multimedia loading on mobile devices.

Insurance bets: These are optional bets, usually in blackjack games, that gives you the chance to earn back some of your bet if it does not win.

Jackpot: This is a large cash prize that you can win when playing casino games.

KYC: KYC, or Know Your Customer, checks are used by online gambling operators to verify a customer’s identity. This helps to ensure that all gambling activity is legal and that only those old enough to gamble can do so.

Live dealer: These casino games use a real dealer to host table games, dealing cards, and calling winners. You can watch the dealer on a live video stream and interact using a live chat.

Matched deposit: This is a type of bonus that sees casinos reward players with bonus cash equal to a percentage of their deposit. Matched deposit bonuses may apply to your first deposit, but some casinos split the cash across your first few deposits.

Multiplier: Multipliers are bonus features on slots that give players the chance to multiply their winnings.

Natural: A blackjack term that refers to hitting 21 in the first two-card hand.

Negative progression: A betting system that relies on increasing stakes after a loss.

Pure model: Players have direct access to the casino game. The deposit and registration process are combined in the Pay N Play interface provided by Trustly.

Paylines: Paylines are the lines along which you can score symbol combinations on slot games. While more traditional, classic slot games may only have one payline, more advanced video slots can have hundreds.

Paytable: These are tables that tell you everything you need to know about a slot game, including the RTP, winning symbol combinations, and bonus symbols.

Payout: Payout is the cash prize you can expect to receive if you make a winning bet.

Penny slots: Penny slots are online slot games with penny stakes.

Positive progression: A betting system that relies on doubling states after a winning bet.

Progressive jackpot: These jackpots continue to grow, with each player’s wager increasing the jackpot until it is won.

Reels: These are the wheels that spin in a slot game and show the symbols.

RNG: Random number generator (RNG) refers to the randomicity of the outcome of casino games. Games at licensed casinos, developed by licensed casino software houses, must use RNG technology to ensure random and fair gameplay.

RTP: Return to player percentage (RTP) is the theoretical return players can expect from a casino game and is based on an extended period of play. A game’s RTP is also shown as a percentage. Whilst not guaranteed, the best paying online slot games tend to have a high RTP.

Side bet: This a bet made in addition to the main bet in a casino game. These tend to be much riskier than main bets and have a much higher house edge.

Stake: This is the amount won, or lost, in an online casino game. It’s the money that you put against the outcome.

Scatter symbols: A scatter symbol is a symbol in a slots game that doesn’t need to be on a payline. They can appear anywhere on the reels for players to score a win, and often have additional benefits like bonus rounds or multipliers.

MGA: The Malta Gaming Authority, is a governing body that grants gambling licenses to both land-based and online gambling operators in Europe. The MGA regulates its licensees to ensure they are providing customers with a safe and fair place to make wagers.

Video slots: Online slot games that can have an unlimited number of paylines. Video slot games also tend to have more bonus features, such as wilds and multipliers, than classic slot games.

Wager: This is another word for ‘bet’. It can be used as both a verb, referring to the action of betting on a casino game, and a noun, referring to a bet on a game.

Wagering requirements: Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements, stipulate how many times you will need to wager your bonus funds before you can access any associated winnings as cash. For example, if you had €10 bonus cash with 30x wagering, you would need to wager €300.

Welcome bonus: A welcome bonus is a reward that online casinos give to new customers. These usually come in the form of free spins and matched deposits.

Wheel: A vital part of a roulette game, the roulette ball is thrown into the roulette wheel— which has numbered pockets— and players bet on which pocket the ball will land.

Wilds: Wilds, or wild symbols, are symbols that can stand in for any other symbol in a slots game, helping players achieve a winning payline.

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